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Hello, Jumairy here!!!

I guess this is the part where I talk a bit about the exhibition and how this collaboration started?... lol

This collaboration with Jaffat El Aqlam was something that grew organically after a conversation we've (Jaffat El Aqlam and I) had at Art Dubai 2019, where we both were part of exhibitions around the same hall, Jaffat El Aqlam with the UAE NOW exhibition and I was exhibiting along side my frequent collaborators Bu Yousuf and Queen Maryam under the Campus Art Dubai umbrella...


Jaffat El Aqlam's team and I were talking about a previous edition of the publication titled Home. Sara from Jaffat El Aqlam asked me "what is home to me?" and I of course being me made a ridiculous analogy about home being my bedroom and said "it's where the Sihr happens" as a jokey reference to the cliche "where the magic happens", this was followed by an interesting conversation about Sihr, we discussed my work as an artist and how Sihr was a frequent reference that I make in my practice, Sihr's heavy influence on our culture in the middle east but also it's influence within our homes and this conversations continued developing on a daily basis at Art Dubai until the last day of the fair... and that's when I spontaneously threw the idea of this edition at them... to be honest I didn't think they were going to agree lol but here we are today presenting to all of you Sihr.Online.

I want to thank everyone that was involved in this project; first and foremost I want to thank the artists for trusting me with their work and trusting my vision for this exhibition, I want to also thank Taqwa Alnaqbi for her beautiful illustrations that was the connecting thread between all the works and last and defiantly not least I want to thank Jaffat El Aqlam, this is the first time that they've collaborated with an outside curator and it is the first time i've ever curated anything lol this was definitely a learning and happy experience that birthed this exhibition that I am very proud of <3

I leave you with this preview demo of a never heard before song of mine called الله يهدي كل العاشقين (May God Guide all the Lovers)

Sending you all ots of love,



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