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Pupa | الشرنقة

Balqis Al Rashed


Thank you for your purchase.

These dolls are sleeping. This slumber is only temporary. They were manufactured to resemble his ideal fantasy and were made available to be curiously used in accordance to their biological instructions.

Your interest in these objects is rooted in the object’s desire to emotionally satisfy you, so we hope you are satisfied with your purchase. Undress the dolls, dismantle their body parts, and toy with their integrity and manufacturing process.

We created these dolls for you to live vicariously through them. Use your imagination to explore all the possibilities. Disassemble the illusion, yet we advise you to proceed with caution. These dolls were designed to be controlled and manipulated for your own satisfaction. Apply the same hegemony that was practiced on you and care for the dolls as you would care for yourself.  

The biological honor dictates your personal agency. Your genetic instructions can’t restore the manufacturing defects. By shedding your genetic code and identity, your natural growth will resonate in their plastic skin and hollow bodies. Spin the dolls with your own hair to induce a metamorphosis, and patiently wait for them to transform and awaken from their slumber.

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